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We haven’t been everywhere yet, but we plan on doing so. Heavy travel combined with an active lifestyle means your sunglasses need to hold up to anything and everything you throw at them.  Thanks to an added Oleo Phobic coating on our Ovan lens, you can play in sand, the lake, the tough-mudder, hike a glacier, or do whatever you want because this coating protects your lens from the damage of oil, dirt, dust, finger prints, and all of life’s other grime. Scratch Resistance is the first part of the two part step. The 2nd part of the oleo-phobic coating is the Anti-Reflective coating Inside the lens, you’ll notice a colored A/R coating that eliminates glare from sunlight when the sun is behind you. Absolute elimination of interior reflections means sharper vision and increased comfort for prolonged wear.

The lens is optically correct upon free-form construction for absolutely no distortion and state of the art crystal clarity.  Your vision is enhanced as the material filters and optimizes all light, allowing transmission of the spectrum of visible light. While blocking the harmful UV rays that cause damage.

With Ovan lenses, you can spot that fish in the river, know the exact yardage to the pin, see the set waves approaching, see the bike on the road before its too late. Light reflected off of surfaces like snow, a river, pavement, etc. becomes horizontally polarized and can create intensely annoying and even dangerous haze and glare. Our polarized lenses filter the ‘noisy (polarized) light’ to reduce haze, reduce eye stress, and eliminate glare.